Victoria Kimani new afropop video “Not For Sale”

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“Not For Sale”

A bubbly, tropical marimba, dripping in a fondue of sweetened, afro-trap percussion and chocolatey vocals form the delicacy that is “Wonka”; an introduction to Kenya-born, Los Angeles-based singer, Victoria Kimani’s, sultry masterpiece, “Afropolitan”. In only seven tracks, the Afropop Queen effortlessly weaves a work of ebony excellence. The deep, afrobeat grooves on tracks such as “Should Be”, “My Sweetie”, “Boom”, and “Not For Sale”, paired with their infectious R&B/Pop palettes, paint the portrait of a masterful creative. Most indisputably, Victoria has conquered the art of blending native rhythms with wide-reaching, mainstream melodies. And her voice is the cherry on top. On all of the tracks, she floats dreamfully, suspended in an atmosphere of reverb and harmony, through lyrics of love, lust, and perseverance. With each breath on this project, it is as if the records become more and more contagious. “Afropolitan” is boundless in range and application; being just as ideal for parties, the car and the club, as it is for a night alone. Considering the rising popularity of world music, and this flawless offering from Victoria herself, don’t be surprised if you see her name popping across the Billboards. She can’t be more than months away from international stardom.


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