KEVIN CALHOUN releases #inspirational rap song “FOR THE WORLD”

In a gorgeous collaboration of heavenly, puritan Hip-Hop, Virginia rapper, Kevin Calhoun, accompanied by the seraphic vocals of Breanna Martin, deliver unto us “For The World”. The record is a four minute thanks to God for blessing our DMV emcee with the basic essence of life. As he mentions through sharp, thought-provoking bars, Kevin Calhoun does not have the ideal life. Poverty, and myriad other tribulations have chipped away at the rapper, day in and day out. Yet, what he stresses over this soulful chord progression, and jogging Golden Era drums, is that the bare luxuries of life are enough to be grateful for. Family, music, and the simple ability to breathe, that we all take for granted, these are the elements that make the struggles of life tolerable. They complete him; and for that, Kevin would not change them “For The World”. This record is radiating with wisdom and maturity. A message I am certain this talented writer wants each and every listener to internalize and value. He delivers it flawlessly; and Breanna Martin’s silky, R&B hook is the ribbon on top. Thanksgiving may be over, but it’s never too late to rejoice in all the things you’re thankful for. Do so beautifully, with Kevin Calhoun’s “For The World”.

“FOR THE WORLD” on Soundcloud

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