B. Johnson starts a movement with new song “Man On A Mission”

This is king music! Excitement is rightfully building for rising Detroit artist, B. Johnson, as he drops an inspirational hood anthem titled, “Man On A Mission”. Just vibe with him as he spills his soul, in perfect harmony with a light airy J Skrill beat! The song singlehandedly exposes Johnson's writing process and recording demeanor as pure genius! Listen to the real talk being spoken and the cool emphasis at the end of each of his bars. “Man On A Mission” is the truth!B. Johnson uses a smooth conscious flow as he talks about his motivation to prevail and see all his hard work finally pay off.

B is owner of the family based movement, In House Affairs ENT, built with the purpose of elevating the level of everyone in his stratosphere! “Man On A Mission” serves as a small taste of the dopeness to come from his 2nd studio album, “Destined For Greatness 2”. Listen to B. Johnson tell his unique story with USA Blog Network's #TheDopeness interview series and listen to “Man On A Mission” today here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bjohnsondfg/man-on-a-missionprod-by-j-skrill

Facebook: @bjohnson_dfg

Twitter: @bjohnson_dfg

Instagram: @bjohnsondfg

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