Shon P and Lexx release beautiful new song “This Is Life”

What's the 1st thing that comes to mind when you think of The Bahamas? Paradise, beautiful beaches, clear waters, snorkeling, and swim-up bars. However, music mogul, Jay Issacs and his team at Savage 100 work around the clock to put their island on the map for hiphop! 

Excitement is building for Savage 100 with the release of “This Is Life”. The song features on-the-verge hiphop artists Shon P and Lexx on an uplifting song with an international feel! Shon P uses his dope flow to paint a picture of unconditional love. Lexx is extra wavy, luring listeners in with his voice, telling a story through harmony over elevated production.

 “This Is Life” is a standout single from Savage 100's upcoming compilation album. Jay Isaacs, CEO of Savage 100, recently chatted with USA Blog Network's TheDopeness interview series where he shared their unique story. He says, “This particular track highlights the current position and trajectory not only of the artists on the track but also the artist on the label and several non traditional Bahamian artist trying to find their way to the international market.” Checkout the in-depth interview below and stream “This Is Life” today here on Soundcloud:

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