Papi Lotus sends powerful message with new video “D.A.R.E”

D.A.R.E or Drug Abuse Resistance Education is a program which originated back in the 80's to prevent the use of drugs. Today, rising alternative R&B artist/producer, Papi Lotus, addresses the drug abuse issue in a very unique way with his powerful new video titled “D.A.R.E”. 

Papi Lotus and director, Luke Conway have created a dark and deteriorated world which serves as a metaphor for a tainted past relationship. The 1st thing you hear is soothing ominous distortion. Then all of a sudden you will be blown away by a botanical garden of audio and beautiful auto-tuned harmonies. However, you can feel the friction early as Papi Lotus sets the scene. He immediately addresses better things that he could be doing with his time rather than being with her. She is a drug and alcohol abuser who he seems to recognize less and less until she disappears completely. Papi Lotus has made a successful career for writing stories that captivate and educate. He says, “I feel like alot of my friends and people I knew, lost apart of themselves to drugs. I really wanted to put a song out there against drugs, kind of like an anti-drug campaign.”

In addition to dropping the hot new video, Papi Lotus recently spoke with USA Blog Network's #TheDopeness interview series, giving detailed behind-the-scenes info about the new vid. Watch “D.A.R.E” and download it today on Spotify!

“D.A.R.E” on Spotify>>





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