YQ Dreams releases inspirational new video “Dream”

Everybody has a dream. On-the-verge hiphop artist, YQ Dreams, encourages others to chase those dreams with new visuals for his song “Dream”. A brief overview could be described as a motivational conscious rap over a banging baseline, but it is so much more. YQ paints a beautiful picture of inspiration and hope for the future. 

The storyline of the video, directed by The Arsin, follows a creative artist from childhood, who relentlessly chases his dreams regardless of obstacles or critics. There is a breathtaking scene at the end when our character presents his finished work of art and his dreams are finally rewarded! “Dream” is absolutely unforgetable! The new single will finally be available for download on November 24th!

On recent behind-the-scenes interview with USA Blog Network, YQ Dreams told his unique story. If you're a fan of positive, life-changing, hiphop music then you will really enjoy this one! Join YQ Dreams' movement and check out “Dream” today on youtube: https://youtu.be/4oUFnpk7vY8




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