Goldilocks.UGLY new drinker's anthem “More Liquor”

Shots! Shots! Shots! Bourbon, gin, vodka, and hen. If you ain't here for a party, your in the wrong place then. On-the-rise rapper, Goldilocks.UGLY drops a huge drinker's anthem, “More Liquor” that is extra turnt. This could easily be the coolest hiphop song of the year!!! 

Goldilocks.UGLY uses his signature charismatic personality and trap flow to get the party started. He describes a crazy night full of pouring up, going wild and debauchery. Goldilocks pulls listeners who relate to the song, because everyone has had one of those nights before(some of us more than others). The mid-tempo beat has haunting synths, that make for a perfect marriage with Goldilocks' “Pour up liquor” chant. Goldilocks.UGLY says, “Go to your friends house, drink bourbon and listen to this song really loud.” So if you ever hear this song while you're in the middle of a live party... It's time to get lit! 

More Liquor” serves as a standout single from his upcoming album, “Duck Tape” dropping on November 10th. Join Goldilocks.UGLY's growing movement today by streaming the single “More Liquor” on Soundcloud:


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