“Basic Instincts” // Matt Movin trap mixtape tells his story of growing up in the streets

It is said that growing up in chaotic environments has a way of molding people. When constantly surrounded by death, turmoil, tragedy and poverty, many suffer a trauma to their humanity. In order to survive, they must revert back to their most animalistic nature—their “Basic Instincts”—and use them to weather the test of their chaotic lives. Matt Movin’ is an epitome of this reality, and his recent mixtape of that exact name is all you’ll need to agree. “Basic Instincts” is fifty one minutes of a man’s life growing up in the streets of Chattanooga, Tennessee. From losing friends to both prison, as well as gun violence; to surviving his own incarceration, Matt Movin’ details it all. He does so over a batch of beats as arctic as his cover art; frosted by icy melodies and paced, trap drums. Throughout this fourteen track foray, the rapper volleys between his natural, Tennessee twang and a melodic, autotune delivery. Where the former perfectly conveys the aggression he’s gained from his tumultuous life, the latter reflects a coldness he was also forced to develop. These are his two “Basic Instincts”, and with them, he has learned to survive. Despite the ups-and-downs of his life, however, what this mixtape also tells us about Matt Movin’, is that he is determined to overcome his predicaments. His ambition courses potently through the veins of this project; and he is using his “Basic Instincts” to fuel it. Soon, no radio or club anywhere will be able to ignore.

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