“The Glow” // Tef Kaluminoti is shining on new trap anthem for his upcoming EP

“I got the glow!” Despite the vibrant subject of Tef Kaluminoti’s March offering, it may be the most diabolical single of the Spring. His four-and-a-half minute “The Glow” is aggressive and abysmal; pumping with the unstoppable energy of North Carolina. As the first single to his upcoming EP, “AMEN”, this record makes a jaw-dropping declaration. It maneuvers jolting 808s, a rushing melody, and earth-shattering drums and world-splitting rhymes, all to warn that this Rocky Mount rapper should not be ignored. The only thing subtle about “The Glow” is the eerie buzz of an electric guitar that’ll tantalize your headphones about each verse. Otherwise, this track is insanely audacious; with Tef Kaluminoti, and his Juicy J-esque flow and persona, bringing it dangerously full-circle. Keep your ears open for “AMEN” when it drops. If “The Glow” is any indication, we are in for a sinister surprise.

“The Glow” on Youtube


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