“Sink or Swim: Chapter I” // $mash, tha Homie releases new 18-track album

For many, crafting an eighteen track project is a grueling challenge. One that demands more energy, time, and creativity than a lot of our world’s artists can muster. California’s own, $mash, tha Homie, however, manages to make such look like a walk in the park. His latest album, “Sink or Swim: Chapter I” is nearly twenty tracks strong, equipped with an eclectic take on West Coast Hip-Hop. By all accounts, $mash is a triple threat. He is a lyricist, producer, and clothing-line (FAOL) owner all in one; and that wide palette of creativity is flawlessly reflected through “Sink or Swim: Chapter I”. The beats on this album are awkward and unconventional; yet complimented by a poise, flow and rhymes that rival some of our greats. Through its organic bounce, basslines, and percussion-driven grooves, “Sink or Swim: Chapter I” is true to California’s craft. However, $mash, tha Homie is an extraordinary artist who completely redefines the sound; making the album, as well as its creator, the culture’s breath of fresh air.

“Sink or Swim: Chapter I”
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