“Dick Pic” I Milyssa Rose warns freaks with comical animated rap video

Paired with a quirky, animated video, Georgia star, Milyssa Rose, drops the eccentric “Dick Pic” single. Undoubtedly, the most abstract piece of art you will hear all week, “Dick Pic” is a radical melting pot of sounds. An EDM melody, crushed by a diabolical 808, creates the backbone for the beat Milyssa Rose dominates. Her delivery is a blend of savagely energetic and soulfully wonderful; with certain bars extending into songful melody. There is likewise a colorful persona Milyssa Rose leaps into when on the mic, using her lyrics to paint a picture, and captivating inflection to pull us in. All in all, the track is a ground-breaking contribution to the Atlanta music scene. As incendiary as the track’s purpose may be, its fun-spirited energy is evidence of a Southern femcee breathing creativity and life back into the art of Hip-Hop.



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