Leiffy Luciano drops flavorful newage banger “Candy Lady”

Dripping in radio-ready melody, sprinkled with autotune and a Zone 6 inflection, is “Candy Lady”, the latest single from Atlanta, Georgia’s Leiffy Luciano. Over a sweetly dreamy trap production by Mondo, our DeKalb County resident proffers melodies and metaphors geared towards candy, and every woman who’s flavored just like it. Not a bar is wasted on “Candy Lady”. Leiffy Luciano cleverly ties each one to our favorite, convenient store snacks. He powers through an 808-driven, club-craving chorus with an infectious appreciation for his “Candy Lady”. This two-minute and thirty-second track is as catchy as it is creative. Not only does it feature an addictive bounce, topped by sugary, autotuned highs; but it maintains a fun, unorthodox theme for the duration of its play. If you were a fan of D4L’s king-sized hit, “Laffy Taffy”; then you’ll have a sweettooth for Leiffy Luciano’s “Candy Lady”. One that pressing play is certain to satisfy.

“Candy Lady” 


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