“LoveTape” // K3 delivers the perfect blend of hiphop, trap, and RnB with new mixtape

Obviously, the anticipation for K3’s latest project, “LoveTape” has been at an all time high. That much can be gathered from the mixtape’s opener, “#LoveTapeOTW”, wherein a plethora of locals and fans of the Cleveland rapper alike share praises of his talent and yearning to hear his upcoming work. Once the opus gets rolling, we know exactly why. Both lyrically and productively “LoveTape” is astronomical. For fifteen tracks, spanning approximately fifty minutes, K3 gives a sensual, yet Hip-Hop take on Midwest love. With an instrumental style that blends R&B with fragments of Trap and old-school Hip-Hop, plus a flow that flirts along the border between conversation and rap, this Ohio artist cranks out a list of bangers that both Drake and Bryson Tiller would have to admire. “Midnight Thoughts”, “In Too Deep”, “Ashanti”, “Let Me Know” (feat. TYuS) and “LoveTape” (feat. Ye Ali) are just a few examples of that astonishment. Truly, K3 has crafted a perpetual mood with “LoveTape”; and that type of artistry is precisely what separates the rookies from the greats. As far as this LP goes, greatness is definitely within this man’s reach.

“LoveTape” on Soundcloud 


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